Junior Muster

On Saturday, 9th April 2022 will be our Junior Muster.  After disruption to the ‘20 & ‘21 seasons, the Junior Committee has been working hard to ensure this is a fun-filled 'welcome back to Rugby’ that our Junior Players deserve!

Session 1 will commence from 1pm and activities will run through until 3pm.  Session 2 will commence from 3pm and activities will run through until 5pm.  After your child/ren’s session, you are welcome to stay, enjoy drinks from the bar, food from the Food Trucks and the Club atmosphere.

Session 1: 1pm to 3pm


  • J8 Blue & J8 Gold (Rippa)
  • J7 Blue & J7 Gold (Rippa)
  • J6 Blue & J6 Gold (Tackle)
  • J5 Blue, J5 Gold & J5 Silver (Tackle)
  • U9 Girls & U9 Boys (RipRugby)

Session 2: 3pm to 5pm


  • J4 Blue & J4 Gold (Tackle)
  • J3 Blue (Tackle)
  • J2 Blue & J2 Gold (Tackle)
  • J1 Blue (Tackle)
  • U11 Boys, U13 Girls (Blue), U13 Girls (Gold), U13 Boys & U15 Girls (RipRugby)

Enter through the Main Entrance and go up to the Clubrooms. Here you will Check-In, grab your 2022 Club Member Card, collect or purchase Shorts ($42) & Socks ($13), buy a Raffle Ticket, check out the 2nd hand gear ($5 per item) and visit the Dynasty Team to check out and order our new TRFC Merchandise!

After you have been through the Clubrooms, you will exit via the ranch slider/ back stairs, head out to the fields to meet your Coaches and team and try on your playing jerseys before the fun starts at 1:40pm (session 1)/ 3:40pm (session 2) with our activity stations. We've got an inflatable obstacle course, running races, goal kicking, tug of war, games, rip & tackling drills and (hopefully!) The Blues/ NHRU passing cage! Fun, fun, Fun!

Not only does each player get a free BBQ sausage and drink from the Tuck Shop, we've also got awesome food trucks onsite including Manila Eats NZ, Lulu's Dairy Free Soft Serve Ice Cream and The Corner Taste to feed the whole family.  So, afternoon tea AND dinner is sorted! 

Additionally, we've got an amazing Face Painter from ColourMe Painting & Body Art who will be available to paint faces with Takapuna ‘Blue & Gold’! 

This will be a great day, full of family fun and we can't wait to see you back at our Club. ...and YES, the bar will be open from 1pm onwards!

“Have a Go”

If you have friends or family, that have expressed an interest in their child/ren playing Rippa/ Tackle or RipRugby this season, bring them along to the TRFC Junior Muster so they can 'Have a Go'.  We will be taking new registrations on the day and can accommodate extra players in all grades. 

We are especially keen to recruit further players in the following grades:

RipRugby (non-contact):

  • U9 Boys
  • U11 Girls
  • U11 Boys

Tackle (contact):

  • J4
  • J1

Activity Stations & ‘Friendly’ Rippa/ Tackle/ RipRugby Games

We have an Activity Schedule, where each team will enjoy 3 or 4 Activity Stations during their 2hr Muster session (see below).  Each Activity Station will be approx. 15mins in duration with 5 mins to get to the next station.

  • Activity Station #1: Field 2a – ‘Friendly Games’ (15 or 30min games)
  • Activity Station #2: Field 2b – ‘Friendly Games’ (15 or 30min games)
  • Activity Station #3: Field 3a – Tackling or Rip Drills (Tackle Bags, Hit Shields, Rips)
  • Activity Station #4: Field 3a/3b – Running Races
  • Activity Station #5: Field 3b: Kicking over the goal posts – Junior Goal Posts (Session 1) & Senior Goal posts (Session 2)
  • Activity Station #6: Training Pad - Tug of War
  • Activity Station #7: Training Pad – (Inflatable) Obstacle course
  • Activity Station #8: Training Pad - Passing Cage (TBC)

For the teams playing games, players are welcome to bring their boots – but they will need plain running shoes for other activity stations (especially the inflatable ones!).  Mouthguards ARE ESSENTIAL – no mouthguard, no play. NB: Due to many providing feedback that the TRFC mouthguards were too small last year, we have not reordered this year.  Please bring your own, pre-fitted mouthguard.  These can be purchased at any Chemist or Sports Store and come with instructions on how to fit.

Teams playing ‘Friendly Games’ are:

  • J8 Blue vs J8 Gold
  • J7 Blue vs J7 Gold
  • J5 Blue vs J5 Silver, J5 Blue vs J5 Gold, J5 Gold vs J5 Silver
  • U9 Boys vs U9 Girls
  • J2 Blue vs J2 Gold
  • J4 Blue vs J4 Gold
  • U15 Girls vs U13 Girls (Blue), U13 Girls (Blue) vs U13 Girls (Gold)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Food Trucks

We have organised Food Trucks to provide food options for you and your family.

Food Trucks, along with the rest of the hospo sector, have found the last two years particularly tough as their core business are festivals, markets and other large gatherings.  Please help us and support these local businesses, by choosing to buy from them.

Tuck Shop

All Junior Players will be provided with a free BBQ sausage and drink, from the BBQ’s at the Tuck Shop.  Gold coin donations welcome.

Face Painting

We are excited to have ColourMe Face Painting & Body Art (https://www.facebook.com/ColourMeBodyArt) join us on Saturday!  Laura is a proud Takapuna Rugby Mum so we are delighted to be able to support her business and see her Takapuna ‘Blue & Gold’ masterpieces on your children’s faces!  This is a great way to keep siblings (our beloved mini-mascots!) entertained whilst their brothers and sisters have fun at the activity stations.   Laura uses high-quality paints that are water based, hypoallergenic and FDA approved.  Gold coin donations welcome.


If you haven't done so already, please pay your subs this week.  As part of your child's subs, they will receive a TRFC Training T-Shirt (see image to the left), RRP $55.  These Training T-Shirts are made by Dynasty Sport out of 22 recycled plastic bottles - how cool is that?!  TRFC Training T-Shirts will be given out at muster - we don't want anyone to miss out.

Subs can be paid via Internet Banking to the following account:

  • Account Name: Takapuna Rugby Football Club Inc
  • Account number: ANZ 01-0137-0048507-000
  • Please ensure you use the following "Reference Format": Last Name_First Name_Subs_Jnr
  • Example: Barker John Subs Jnr

Volunteers needed!

We need volunteers to help make the Junior Muster a success!  Whether it’s to set-up, pack-down, manning the BBQ, checking in players when they arrive, taking photos of the day, setting up the activity stations etc, we would love you to lend us a hand.  Please email juniors@takapunarugby.co.nz or text Camille on 021 427 449 and let us know how and when you are available to help.

Donation of Raffle Prizes

We will have a Raffle at both sessions of the Junior Muster (i.e. 2 prizes).  If you, your family or company, are keen to donate items for these Raffles – no matter how big or small - we would be extremely grateful.  Please email juniors@takapunarugby.co.nz with details or call Camille on 021 427 449.


Toilets are located behind the Clubrooms on the way to Field 1 (Athletics Ground) or in the Clubrooms.


Rugby Boots are not to be worn in the Clubrooms, please.

Health & Safety

Please note, that this is NOT a drop and leave event.  Parental supervision is required to ensure all junior players remain safe and sound at all times, whether that is in the Clubrooms or out on the Fields.  Coaches & Managers will be moving from activity to activity with their teams, but it is expected a parent will also.

Please ensure all children understand that the car park is extremely busy with cars driving around, parking and reversing. Children are not to play, or be unsupervised in the car park.

Please keep all children OFF the scrum machine.  This is not a toy, and can be dangerous – we do not want anyone hurt or injured.  The J1 team will use this, exclusively, under the supervision and direction of their Coaches.