Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to play with TRFC Junior Rugby?

Returning Players: Every TRFC player from the 2022 season will receive a personalised registration link.  If you haven’t received an email already please check your Junk Mail folder first, and then email to let us know.

All Rippa Rugby & Tackle Rugby players will need to visit the Club on one of our pre-season “Weigh-In” evenings to be weighed.

New Players: If you are new to rugby, or new to Takapuna Rugby, then you will need to complete a registration form.  You will also need to provide proof of age (Birth Certificate or Passport); to ensure your child is graded appropriately.

There are two options to register:

1) Complete the online form here, and then come along to one of the “Weigh-In” evenings, to weigh in

2) Come to the Club on one of our “Weigh-In” evenings and complete the same online registration form at the clubrooms – save yourself some time and effort and do it at home before "Weigh-In"!

How much are Subs? 1 child playing = $130, 2 children playing = $210, 3 children playing = $260.

What do Subs Cover? Rugby is possibly one of the cheapest sports your kids can do – it’s $130 per child, there are 14 games and (a min. of) 14 practices (for Tackle & Rip Rugby) which equates to $4.20 per game/ training.  It’s even cheaper if you have more than one child playing!

The subs cover North Harbour Rugby Union Levy, a proportion goes to the running TRFC and the rest on the ‘Welcome Gift’ that the kids get at the start of the season.  The Player Gift has previous been mouthguard & boot bag, training t-shirt etc. 

There is one paid person in the Club; the Club Manager.  All other Coaches, Managers, Referee’s, Committee Members, Tuck Shop Workers etc are all Volunteers.

When do subs need to be paid?  Subs need to be paid ASAP, to complete the registration process. 

We do prefer that fee’s are paid before the Muster as this is when the children that have had their subs paid, will receive their “Welcome Gift” (i.e. boot bag or training t-shirt etc) from their new coach.  We don’t like members of a team feeling left out at Muster as it’s an exciting time meeting your new coach and team mates, so if subs are paid a full team receives their “Welcome Gift”.

Subs MUST be paid before a child plays their first game, or they are unable to take the field.

What else do I need to pay for? Each child playing will need to purchase TRFC Playing Shorts & Socks. The Socks are $13 and Shorts are $43 and are available at our Weigh-In, Muster or at the Tuck Shop during the season.  NB: These are the same Shorts & Socks from the 2021 Season.

Playing Jerseys are provided to each team for the season and returned to the club at the end of the season. These remain the property of TRFC.

What is a “Weigh-In”?  North Harbour Rugby Union (NHRU) has a weight for age restriction for Rippa Rugby & Tackle Rugby.  Your child will be allocated to a specific grade based on their Age and Weight.  This is to ensure safety on the field for all players.  Pre-season, all players in Rippa Rugby and Tackle Rugby MUST be weighed to ensure we correctly allocate teams.

Before the first game of the season all players from a Grade will play at the same field and a NHRU member will be onsite to confirm all weights for the team.  (i.e. All J3 teams may play at Takapuna on Saturday 7th May, and all be weighed by NHRU before they take the field).

NB: Weigh-In's are only for Rippa & Tackle Teams only. (i.e. J8, J7, J6, J5, J4, J3, J2 & J1 teams). Rip Rugby is age group, not based on weight, so not required to weigh in.

When is Weigh-In? Tuesday, 22nd February (4:30pm to 6pm) OR Friday, 25th February (4:30pm to 6pm).

What is a “Muster”?  A Muster is where all Junior Players gather to meet their team/ coach and receive their playing jersey’s.  All registered AND paid players, will also receive their 2023 season “Welcome Gift”.   The Junior Committee and volunteers are available to answer any queries parents may have also. 

At Muster we often have a sausage sizzle and a run around with another TRFC team in the same grade.

When is the Muster?  Saturday 1st April 2023

  • ​​​​​​​1st Session: 1pm to 3pm for J7 & J8 Rippa, J6 & J5 Tackle, U9 RipRugby
  • 2nd Session: 3pm to 5pm for J4, J3, J2 & J1 Tackle, U11, U13, U15 & U18 RipRugby

​​​​​​​When will the 2023 season start? 

  • Saturday 29th April 2023 for Rippa & Tackle
  • Saturay 13th May 2022 for Boys & Girls RipRugby

What day is game day? Saturday morning

How long will trainings be and what days? This will be determined by the Coaches based on their availability.  Length of trainings and frequency also vary depending on your grade.


  • J1 to J3 – Train twice a week
  • J4 to J6 and RipRugby – Typically train once a week (dependent on the coach)
  • Rippa Rugby (J7 to J8) – Typically train once a week; or before the game (dependent on coach)

Will there be games on Friday Nights?  We love playing under Friday Night Lights and will try to organise games on Friday’s, especially for the J7’s & J8’s.  In previous season’s we have arranged “festivals” for some of the Junior Teams, hosting teams in the competition and providing pizza in the clubrooms after the games.  This provides a great atmosphere for the team.

At the start of the season, all games will be listed in the schedule to be played on Saturday’s.   If a Coach/ Manager wants a game changed to a Friday or we choose to arrange a “Friday Night Lights” event, the Coach/ Manager needs to liaise with the other team.  Once the other team agree to the date change, NHRU needs to confirm the change via the appropriate procedure.

NB: If the weather is inclement on the Friday, and the game called off; the game will not be played at the original Saturday time as this time/ field may have been reallocated to another sports team.

​​​​​​​If I would like my child to play with the same kids he played in the previous year, what do I need to do? Please make this known on Sporty Registration Form.  There is a section that asks if you have any requests for this reason.  We will try and accommodate requests, if we are able to do so.

When will we know and how do we find out what team we are in? Once the registration process is complete you will be contacted directly by the coach to which your child has been allocated.

How do I get my child to play in a grade that is different to the ages for weight requirements?

Please request this at the time of your registration application and appropriate members will discuss and suggest the right course of action. Dispensations are typically an exception and approved by the union under rare circumstances. Please note that this is outside of our club's control.

I'd like to Coach/ Manage/ Referee a Team, how do I express my interest? When completing the Sporty Form there is a section on Volunteering. Please complete this and we will be in touch. NB: You must be fully vaccinated to Coach/ Manage/ Referee.

To be a Coach/ Referee it is compulsory to attend a practical session at NHRU.  This year we will also be having “Coach the Coach” sessions with Paul Feeney (TRFC Director of Rugby). 

To say Thank You for giving your time to TRFC, Coaches will receive a Coaches Gift. 

I'd like to join the Junior Rugby Committee, how to I express my interest? Please email, we'd love to have you join our team!

I don’t want to join the Committee, but am happy to Volunteer. What can I do to help?  Takapuna Rugby Junior Rugby is a Community Organisation run on volunteers – we need your help as there are many things to assist with:

  • Field Set-Up’s on Game Day
  • Assisting with the Junior Muster
  • Assisting with Friday Night Festivals
  • Assisting with jersey allocations & sorting kit bags (pre-season)
  • Volunteering to work in the Tuck Shop
  • Social Media support

Email to express your interest and we will be in touch.

Where can I buy TRFC Supporters Merch? Check out our online store.

We will have sample gear available at "Weigh-In" so you can sight and feel before purchasing online with Dynasty.

Takapuna Junior Rugby Tour.  Every two years, the Junior Club organises a Rugby Tour for J1 & J2 teams.  This is historically to Australia, however the last two tours have unfortunately been cancelled due to COVID-19.  We are hopeful that a 2024 Tour will come to fruition and we can carry on this tradition for our teams.

Tuck Shop. To organise the Junior Tour ALOT of fundraising is required.  Generally, all Tours have chosen to take over the running of the Tuck Shop on Saturday mornings.  This is a huge undertaking, which requires parents volunteer hours to ensure it caters to supporters.  All Tuck Shop profits go towards the Junior Tour. 

We therefore encourage you to purchase coffee’s, sausages, drinks and treats after your game from the tuck shop to support our Junior Players.

“Takapuna Junior Rugby Group” Facebook Page.  Please join us on our private Facebook Page.  This is where we publish the Player of the Day photos for all our Junior Rugby Teams and provide community information.  Search: Takapuna Junior Rugby Group.

NB:  You will need to answer the required questions to join.  If you don’t answer the questions your request will be declined.

My family or Company would like to support the Junior Rugby Club, how can we assist?  As a community organisation, we rely on the generosity of grants, sponsorship and donations to function.  Any support for the Junior Rugby Club is greatly appreciated, whether its for a event, a season or many seasons. 

Ways that you can support us:

  • Sponsor a Junior Rugby Trophy
  • Provide merchandise for the player “Welcome Packs” (approx. 350 players)
  • Provide merchandise or gift donations, for silent auctions at fundraising events
  • Provide Sponsorship/ Donations to Takapuna Junior Rugby Club

Please get in touch with the Club Manager to discuss